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Burroughs B 20

Title : Burroughs B 20 Publisher : Burroughs Language : Dutch Year : 1982 (June) Subject : Burroughs B 20 This system is not to be confused with the later B20 (without the space). It also won a design award in 1983 in Germany, see […]

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Aster CT-80

This time a collection of various brochures, sheets, and pricelists for the Dutch Aster CT-80 (instead of one brochure usually per post). Brochure #1 (with prices, bedrijfssysteem brochure) Brochure #2 (without prices, included loose pricelist from MCP, onderwijsfolder) Below an extract from a price list […]

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The Apple IIe

Click the picture to view the brochure Title : The Apple IIe Personal Computer System Publisher : Apple Language : English Year : 1982 System : IIe

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Texas Instruments TI99/4A

Click the picture to view the brochure Title : Texas Instruments TI99/4A Publisher : Texas Instruments Language : English Year : 1981/1982 System : TI99/4A Featuring : Bill Cosby

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VAX Realtime Capabilities

Title : VAX Realtime Capabilities Publisher : Digital Equipment Corporation Language : English Year : 1982 Click here to view the brochure

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