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Toshiba T5100

Title : Toshiba T5100 Publisher : Toshiba / Manudax Language : Dutch Year : Unknown Subject : Toshiba T5100 You can find more information at the website of IPSJ Computer Museum and Polimuseo

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Tandon Target 386sx

Title : Tandon Target 386sx, Compacte kracht Publisher : Tandon Computer B.V. Language : Dutch Year : 1989 Subject : Tandon Target 386sx, Model 1 and 40 Not much information available about this system, or to be precise, nothing. So if you know of any […]

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Holland Computer Import

These two single-page specsheets and the letter came as one bundle in a Holland Computer Import binder They made (or assembled) their own clone computers of which the two specsheets are two types Below the binder, then the letter and after that the two sheets. […]

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