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Iets over Bull machines

Click the image to view the “Iets over Bull machines” brochure. Title : Iets over Bull machines Publisher : Bull Nederland administratie en statistiekmachine maatschappij N.V. Language : Dutch Year : 195x? / 196x? Subject : Bull handponsmachine P, elektrische ponsmachine POR, automatische elektrische ponsmachine […]

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Remington Rand, More more more

Click the image to view the “Remington Rand More more more” brochure. Title : More more more Publisher : Remington Rand International Division Language : English Year : 195? Subject : Remington Rand punched-card systems

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Kimball Equipment Brochures

This time not one single brochure but a set of brochures that came in its own original binder from Kimball Equipment. The binder : Below the brochures (click the pictures to view the whole brochures):

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