Apricot PC

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Apricot PC
Apricot PC
Click the image to view the “Apricot PC” brochure.

Title : Apricot PC
Publisher : ACT (International) Ltd
Language : English
Year : November 1984
Subject : Apricot PC

Some specifications from this actual brochure

Multi-processor architecture:
Intel 8086 running at 5mHz
Intel 8089 I/O management
Intel 8087 maths co-processor (optional)

256kbytes standards, expandable to 768kbytes.

(a) 2×3.5” double-sided MicroFloppies (total capacity 1440k formatted)
(b) 2×3.5″ single-sided MicroFloppies (total capacity 630k formatted)
(c) 1×3.5″ single-sided MicroFloppy (capacity 315k formatted)

On-board modem with auto-dialer, BABT approved (option).
1x RS232 (v24) serial port-synchronous and asynchronous.
1x 8-bit bi-directional Centronics parallel port.

Two expansion slots.

Display Screen:
9″ or 12″ green phosper-P39-with antiglare optical filter.
80 characters x 25 lines.
800×400 pixels.

8 fixed function keys and six touch-sensitive keys labelled by the MicroScreen ™.
Alphanumeric layout to international standards

Systems Box: 16.5″ wide x 4″ high x 12.5″ deep.
9″ Monitor: 10.5″ wide x 8.5″ high x 10″ deep
12″ Monitor: 13″ wide x 11” high x 12.75″ deep.
Keyboard: 16″ wide x 2″ high x 7″ deep.

Systems Box: 13.5 to 15.1 lbs.
(depending on configuration)
Monitor: 9″: 9.1 lbs. 12″: 18.2 lbs
Keyboard: 3.3 lbs.

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