Epson PC AX2

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Epson PC AX2
Click the image to view the “Epson PC AX2” brochure.

Title : Epson PC AX2
Publisher : Seiko Epson Corporation
Language : English
Year : 1987
Subject : Epson PC AX2

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  1. Beautiful image, at the beginning of the 90s my father a good day appears with this large device that becomes my first PC, it turned out to be the glorious EPSON AX2. I still remember that it had the CGA monitor (4 colors) also Epson, 286 processor I’m not sure but I think it had 4 mb of RAM and 20 mb HDD. I remember playing Prince Of Persia, Lotus, Prehistorik, Lemmings (wonderful), Indianapolis 500, among others!

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